SIP Standard Designs

SIP Standard House Designs

Our range of 2, 3 & 4 bedrooms offer exceptional value for money combined with exceptional energy efficiency.

We have recently teamed up with local Passive House Certified Architects firm ARCHITECO to develop a range of our own affordable SIPs houses, ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms.

JML Architeco House

Our ‘standard’ houses have been designed to provide affordable and inspiring homes. They look simple. That’s because they have been rigorously designed. Every aspect of the houses, from each stage of construction and build, through to the use and running has been carefully considered and precisely calculated to make super-efficient, warm, dry, light filled and beautifully practical homes.  We are now able to offer a full turnkey solution of Planning, SER Engineering and construction of your SIPs home.

SIP Standard Designs

The SIP panels we use are the fully insulated type which do not require a timber sub-frame. This almost completely eliminates thermal bridging and, along with being an inherently air-tight construction, can achieve excellent energy performance.

By designing these houses specifically for the SIP system, the resulting houses provide the most cost-effective solution for the size.

By considering energy efficiency at the outset, the result is a series of designs that will require minimal heating and can even achieve Passivhaus compliance if desired.

Please look at our pdf brochures below for details of our 2, 3 & 4 bedroom standard house designs made from SIPs.
2 x Bedroom – Type 2B »
2 x Bedroom – Type 2S »
3 x Bedroom – Type 3A »
3 x Bedroom – Type 3B »
4 x Bedroom – Type 4A »
4 x Bedroom - Type 4B »

Please contact us for further information on these superb houses.

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