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SIP Standard Designs

SIP Standard House Designs – The Concept

Our Standard House designs, known as ‘Caber House’ are leading the way in kit house design by adopting a fabric first approach.

Teaming up with Passive House Architects, Architeco, we have brought our practical skills and experiences of the physical building of houses together with Architeco’s well thought out design and Passive House principals which results in a range of well-planned, thermally efficient, and cost-effective SIP kit houses.

These ‘standard’ houses have been designed to provide affordable and inspiring homes. They look simple. That’s because they have been rigorously designed. Every aspect of the houses, from each stage of construction and build through to the use and running, has been carefully considered and precisely calculated to make super-efficient, warm, dry, light filled and beautifully practical homes.

The 2, 3 & 4 bed standard house types have been developed for the SIP system, which is inherently airtight and has negligible thermal bridging. By using the optimum SIP dimensions and designing for Passive House suitability, these resulting house designs are extremely cost effective, super energy-efficient, and can achieve Passive House standard.

When combined with renewables, these standard house designs can achieve a SAP rating of 100+, making this range carbon neutral.

To learn more about our Standard House designs and see some of our projects please visit the website: www.caberhouse.co.uk

Caberhouse information sheet 1

Caberhouse information sheet 2

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