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What are SIPs

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are a high-performance building system ideally suited to new builds (residential, commercial or industrial). SIP systems are regarded by many as the future of the industry in the UK and, as the quality of building practices in the UK rises, they are set to replace the traditional timber frame as the standard kit construction of the future. With environmental issues likely to dominate all our lives for the foreseeable future, the building industry is adapting new technologies such as SIPs to develop a brand-new type of energy efficient and environmentally friendly housing. SIPs are formed with a high thermal performance rigid Polyurethane (PUR) core of insulation sandwiched between two outer skins of oriented strand board (OSB/3).

The SIPs JML use are a certified product of the British Board of Agréement (BBA). This unparalleled thermal efficiency, combined with high build-speed and low site wastage makes SIPs a very cost-effective way of achieving and of exceeding the thermal requirement of the Building Regulations Standards. Building with SIPs can offer many advantages to you, your architect and your builder.