Renewable energy is now available in many different forms and most technologies have come a long way in the past ten years. JML Contracts have been involved with various sources of renewable energy including: hydro, wind farms, solar and Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP).

We have worked on a number of hydro generation and wind farm schemes in the Scottish Highlands, and continue to provide a variety of specialist maintenance and improvement services to this sector.

We have been involved in many ‘run of the river’ hydro schemes in our capacity as a small Civil Contractor. We have also completed a full upgrade of an existing dam, penstock and hydro plant at Brooklinn Mill, on the River Ericht for a private client near Blairgowrie. We have found our experience in river engineering and concreting/formwork is invaluable when constructing the required weirs/intakes and outfalls. With our previous hydro experience, own plant and skilled civils workforce we are able to offer a full service for the installation of any small hydro scheme in Scotland.

We carry out works such as settlement ponds and drainage runs for wind farm access roads and turbine hard standings. Additionally with our house-building division we specialise in the construction of Control Buildings which are used to house the Wind Farm switch gears, plant, etc. These are specialised structures, designed and built to a high specification in order to withstand the harsh environment of their locations. We have completed one of these for I & H Brown at Hill of Towie Wind Farm in Aberdeenshire.

With the increase in demand for biomass boilers and heating systems JML Contracts have been involved in providing the following:

• The construction of underground or subterranean chip stores

• The construction of supply ramps to allow chip deliveries to take place

• The forming of new access roads and turning circles for fuel delivery transport

• The design, engineering and construction of modular portable biomass plant rooms of various sizes

With our SIP panel processing factory in Dunning, Perthshire and our LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Framework) designs we have developed and engineered modular and portable Biomass Plant Rooms to suit all sizes and styles of a Biomass heating system and required chip/fuel stores.

We have developed a more natural Scottish looking structure to blend into the existing environment where it will be situated. The benefit of this type of modular building system means that all the required plumbing/fitting of boilers, heat stores, augers and associated mechanical and electrical works can be done off site in a controlled environment at the boiler supplier’s premises, while a suitable foundation pad is prepared on site with the required flow returns pipes in place. The completed building is then simply transported to site, lifted into place and connected up and commissioned.

We have the ability to construct the buildings as a whole or in two halves depending on the size required.

We currently offer a full bespoke design service based on the following options:

  1. Full Structural Insulated Panel Building (Supplied flat packed or erected)
  2. Full LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Framework) Insulated Plant Room with or without required finishes (supplied in stick form or fully erected)
  3. A Hybrid design using Structural Insulated Panels and LGSF (Light Gauge Steel Framework)

By utilising the structural strength of our SIP structures and our experience in modular building design we can provide a bespoke solution for all boilers and heating installers countrywide.