• Gabions. Hanse Hause
  • Gabions. Hanse Hause

Gabions: Hanse Haus, Perthshire

Project overview

A sloping site in the hills of Perthshire was chosen by our client as the location of a highly energy efficient, semi-basement, two- storey home. German prefabricated house builders Hanse Haus were selected to build the house. The enabling groundworks consisted of cutting into the hillside and the bulk removal of earth to form a basement area across the site. We were brought in to construct a tiered gabion retaining wall to maintain the structural integrity of the surrounding land.

Gabions. Hanse Hause


Numerous challenges were overcome on the site, with the foremost being creating completely unfaceted curved walls from engineered retaining baskets to form the sweeping entrance driveway to the property. In addition, the concrete roundall terrace was clad in matching baskets and stone, incorporating a sleeve system within the gabions for the metal baluster and glazed panel handrail system.Working together with a German subcontractor involved close liaison and management to ensure that both companies could work alongside each other simultaneously.This was particularly important due to the specialist nature of the tanking warranty.

Services delivered

We designed and installed all gabion elements across the project using 4mm BBA approved welded baskets. Sample baskets were constructed and filled with various stones to allow the client to understand and see the proposed gabions in position on the site prior to making a final choice. In addition to this, we installed large areas of 4.5m high gabion terracing and a gabion-clad roundall balcony to maximise the stunning views. A fully-faced uplit feature entrance basket was also installed to incorporate bespoke signage.

Upon completion of the gabions, we also carried out all additional hard landscaping works on the site to help create the client’s dream home.

Client Testimonial:

“I was immediately impressed by John’s professionalism on our first meeting and his quote was detailed and a fair price. We were away while the work was being carried out and I appreciated JML keeping me up to speed and sending me photos of their progress. We were exceedingly happy with all the work they carried out and would definitely use them again for any future work/projects.”