• Minnygap Windfarm
  • Minnygap Windfarm

Minnygap Windfarm, Gabion Bridge and Approaches

Project overview

As part of the access route for the turbines to the 2nd phase of this R.E.S. windfarm, a replacement bridge and approach ramp was needed in order for the deliveries to be made. Having worked on a number of similar projects with R.E.S, JML Contracts were appointed to assist with these works. The bridge and retaining structure was designed by JML and consisted of an ARMCO culvert arch, sat on concrete abutments, with a PVC coated BBA gabion structure used to form the abutments and the remainder of the bridge.


Working at height over water brings inherent dangers and this is our number one consideration on this type of project. Every task is individually risk assessed and where reasonably practicable, the risk removed. This will include plans for working at height, working over water, specialist edge protection and emergency rescue procedures. The river was small but susceptible to flash flooding and large spates, therefore alongside worker’s safety, operations had to be coordinated with both constant weather forecast monitoring and working with SEPA and SNH to ensure any emergency flood procedures were coordinated properly.

The bridge was also on a natural bend of the river and at the start of a steep climb, all of which had to be considered in the design/orientation of the structure.

Minnygap Windfarm

Services Provided

JML carried out the river diversion works and assisted with the M/C culvert installation. Once this was completed an extensive scour mattress system was installed both upstream and downstream of the bridge, and the gabion walling/abutments were constructed and the road brought up at the same time. The finished works to the bridge were particularly pleasing to the client and JML were asked to return to carry out some smaller gabion works further up the access track.